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Shoshany Jewelers is a full-service specialty fine jewelry store located in Morganville, NJ.
We are independently owned and operated by a family of certified jewelers, including G.I.A graduate gemologists and metalsmiths. Being in the business since 2013, Al, the owner and founder of Shoshany Jewelers, finally reached his goal of building the area’s ultimate jewelry superstore in 2018 when he and his wife Bita opened up shop. Shoshany Jewelers offers a comfortable and creative atmosphere filled with knowledgeable employees and a selection of jewelry that is second to none.

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The Ultimate Jewelry Superstore

Shoshany Jewelers features over 1,700 feet of running showcases, a computerized custom design station, and a large open bench jeweler's studio which allows you to watch while a professional goldsmith works on your jewelry. Our main goal is to help you celebrate all the moments in life by creating personal experiences around great products. From finding the right earrings for a graduation to designing the perfect engagement ring to choosing a necklace to match your favorite outfit, your journey should be positive, personalized and poignant.


Unlike other jewelry stores, you will feel comfortable knowing that we do not embellish our prices to then give you a high discount. We offer you great products at exceptionally competitive prices from the start!

To make sure we are on top of the latest trends, Al, Tyler, and Bita work their magic together by creating a showroom that features the most distinctive collection of jewelry. Featuring not only 14k gold and
diamond jewelry, we also specialize in 18k gold as well as sterling silver jewels!

What separates us from the rest is that we personally select all the watches showcased in our store. We feature the largest selection of new and pre-owned certified luxury time pieces. Each time piece is carefully examined
by our Swiss certified watch maker to ensure total authenticity to every watch sold.

Ever wondered why custom designing gets overwhelming? Here at Shoshany Jewelers, we simplify the entire process! We facilitate and improve the way jewelry is custom made with our easy-to-use step by step guide. With our on-site G.I.A certified CAD designer, we are able to turn your vision into reality while you follow the whole process from start to finish! Step by step, we learn all about your vision and show you renders (computerized drawings) of your piece until full approval before creating your work of art. Straight from your dream, right into your hands!

Being a G.I.A certified gemologist, Al will help guide you through the process of finding the perfect diamond for your perfect love! You will be able to choose from a large selection of G.I.A certified diamonds personally hand-picked by Al. Not only will you walk out with the diamond of your dreams, but you will leave feeling confident in knowing that you were taught everything there is to know about finding the right diamond!

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